Revolutionize Team Sports Fundraising with PlayRaise

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Revolutionize Team Sports Fundraising with PlayRaise

Revolutionize Team Sports Fundraising with PlayRaise

The world of fundraising is evolving, and PlayRaise is at the forefront of this transformation. This innovative platform is reshaping the way sports teams and non profit organizations raise funds, offering a unique and profitable approach to team sports fundraising.

With PlayRaise, gone are the days of bake sales, car washes, and other time consuming fundraising methods. In this blog post, we'll explore how PlayRaise is revolutionizing team sports fundraising, and why it's marketplace is becoming the top choice for sports squads, schools, and nonprofit organizations across North America.



What is PlayRaise?

Since 2017, PlayRaise has been connecting people worldwide through a unique fundraising platform that brings communities together in both virtual and real-world settings. It’s a world-class marketplace featuring thousands of products that people purchase everyday. In addition to sending those products directly to the purchaser, PlayRaise manages to donate a significant portion to the cause.

PlayRaise has developed a unique playbook that provides the system, tools and enables exceptional fundraising campaigns for good causes everywhere. Whether you're a high school sports team, youth organization, or university program, PlayRaise can help your team set up a highly successful fundraising campaign.

Located in Dallas, TX, and setting its sights on global growth, our innovative firm continues to revolutionize the fundraising industry with a hybrid business model and is the only fundraising platform to offer more while taking less.



Why is PlayRaise Revolutionizing Team Sports Fundraising?

As team sports fundraising shifts towards a more digital and efficient approach, PlayRaise has emerged as a game-changer in the industry. But what makes PlayRaise unique and allows the revolutionary platform to stand out?

Let's dive into the key factors that contribute to PlayRaise's transformative impact on team sports fundraising:

  • Streamlined Process: PlayRaise simplifies the fundraising process, eliminating the need for pre-purchasing, minimum orders, and administration fees. This user-friendly approach allows organizations to focus on their cause rather than being bogged down by logistical challenges, since all orders are shipped directly to the purchaser.
  • Wide Range of Products: PlayRaise offers a vast array of competitively priced products from various categories, ensuring that supporters can find items that genuinely interest them. This diverse product selection not only encourages more purchases, but also increases the likelihood of repeat support for future campaigns.
  • Higher Percentage of Proceeds: PlayRaise's hybrid business model is designed to give back more while taking less. Organizations can receive up to 25% per product, making it one of the most profitable fundraising platforms available.
  • Comprehensive Support and Tools: PlayRaise goes beyond providing a platform for fundraising campaigns by offering dedicated support and a range of tools to help organizations succeed. From social media materials to step-by-step guidance through the PlayRaise Playbook, organizations have everything they need to run a successful campaign.
  • Flexibility and Customization: PlayRaise enables organizations to tailor their campaigns according to their unique goals and needs. This high level of customization means each organization can successfully speak to their target audience by utilizing resources best suited to their individual preferences, which ultimately leads to better results.
  • Harnessing the Power of Social Media: PlayRaise recognizes the significant role that social media plays in modern fundraising efforts by providing ready-to-use social media content and templates. This allows organizations to quickly and easily engage their supporters and expand their reach.
  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable: By focusing on everyday products that people already use and love, PlayRaise promotes a more sustainable approach to fundraising. This eco-friendly aspect not only reduces waste, but also helps organizations appeal to environmentally conscious supporters.


The PlayRaise Playbook

The PlayRaise Playbook is a step-by-step guide that helps campaign organizers to raise funds and awareness for their fundraising campaign. Here's a brief overview of the process:

  • Campaign Registration Form: Fill out some simple information about your team and fundraising goals, and work together with PlayRaise to create a tailored game plan.
  • Experience Fundraising Reimagined: PlayRaise simplifies most everything from administration to logistics, providing the platform, tools, and system to ensure successful campaigns.
  • Invite Your Supporters to Become Your Shoppers: Utilize the power of social media and other marketing materials provided by PlayRaise to raise awareness and funds for your campaign.
  • Shop, Save, Donate: Direct your everyday spending to products available on PlayRaise, with up to 25% of proceeds going directly to your cause.
  • Raise More and Stress Less with PlayRaise: Simply customize your campaign duration, share your referral link, and watch your campaign grow.




PlayRaise is revolutionizing the way organizations fundraise, offering an efficient and effective platform for raising money for sports teams, schools, and nonprofit organizations. With its unique playbook, comprehensive support, and wide range of products, PlayRaise is emerging as the best site to raise money for charity and other causes. 

If you're ready to take your fundraising efforts to the next level, register for your PlayRaise campaign today or book a call with one of our experienced team members so we can help bring your goals to fruition.

Say goodbye to traditional team sports fundraising methods, and embrace the future with PlayRaise.

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