• Gives 10% Pink Rose Lace Cupcake Wrappers Holders | 60Pcs Pink Rose Lace Cupcake Wrappers Holders | 60Pcs

    Pink Rose Lace Cupcake Wrappers Holders | 60Pcs

    Package: 60PCS YOZATIA Cupcake wrappers Top diameter: 3.1 inch, Bottom diameter: 1.9 inch, Height: 2 inch To slide tab into pre-cut slot to create beautiful cupcake wrapper Perfect for a wedding, christening, anniversary, engagement, birthday, baby shower DO NOT bake in these wrappers All the color show fashion and nobility. Original wrappers are flat but it only takes seconds to assemble Fantastic cupcake look fits the theme, which makes your wedding more perfect Filigree Little Rose Lace Laser Cut Cupcake Wrapper Liner Baking Cup Muffin Case Trays Wedding Birthday Party Decoration. Material: Pearlecent Art paper Size:8.3 x 4.4 x 0.6 inches Package included: 60pcs Cupcake Wrapper

  • Gives 10% Semi-Automatic Egg Whisk Beater | 14" Stainless Steel Semi-Automatic Egg Whisk Beater | 14" Stainless Steel

    Semi-Automatic Egg Whisk Beater | 14" Stainless Steel

    14 inch Stainless Steel Whisk Semi-automatic Press Whisk, Wire Whisk, Hand Push Rotary Blender, Mixer Egg Beater, Whisk for Cooking, Beater, Stirring Kitchen Balloon Whisk by KTATMARKETING  Made of food grade stainless steel for durability and no need to worry about bending or breaking often. Energy saving and environmental protection: Semi-automatic design, quick and easy to use, mechanical mixing, fast mixing and mixing, saving you time.  The kitchen blender only needs to press down vertically and stir quickly to prevent excessive fatigue. Easy to clean, Just wash with soapy water and rinse off. Suitable for mixing, whipping and foaming of coffee drinks, or more like milkshakes, whipped cream, salad dressings, gravy, sauces, mayonnaise, meringues and even meat.


  • Gives 10% Food Coloring for Baking - 26 Vibrant Cake Food Coloring Liquid Set  | 0.25 Fl. Oz  | 6 M Bottles Food Coloring for Baking - 26 Vibrant Cake Food Coloring Liquid Set  | 0.25 Fl. Oz  | 6 M Bottles

    Food Coloring for Baking - 26 Vibrant Cake Food Coloring Liquid Set | 0.25 Fl. Oz | 6 M Bottles

    Food Grade Cake Food Coloring - Approved by MSDS with food grade material.Non-toxic, dairy-free,nut-free,sugar-free and gluten-free.Adults and kids can use with peace of mind. Food coloring set 26 colors are odorless and tasteless.It doesn't change the taste of the food, just makes your desserts more lively and interesting. Any questions about how to add or use our baking food colors, please contact us via Amazon Rich & Vivid Color Set - All colors are specially made by the Dessert Master,every color has its ingenuity.Our food coloring liquid set includes:Red,Violet,Yellow,Sky Blue,Green,Grape Purple,Pink,Brown,Black,Orange,Navy Blue,Grass Green,Dark Green,Teal,Cherry Red,Blackish Green, Purplish Red, Sapphire Blue, Peacock Blue, Coffee ,Coral Red, White, Christmas Red ,Christmas Green, Turquoise ,Dark Red.The most comprehensive food dye set are here Multiple Uses - Our assorted liquid food dye not only perfect for using on cake,icing,frosting,fondant,batter,cookie,cupcakes,also can be used for holiday decorated, Easter Eggs,Valentine's Day,Easter Day,Christmas,Halloween.Making colorful desserts will bring more surprises to the festival Easy to Use - Our water-based food coloring is easy to mix with your food project. Upgraded bottle design with leak proof lid, make it easy to control your drops so that you can get the perfect shade every time.With the upgrade, our color set lasts for a long time without settling, so you don't need to shake it, just squeeze it through the bottle into the food you want to mix.Both beginners and professionals can enjoy the fun of DIY desserts Strong Tinting Strength - With upgraded highly concentrated formula water based texture,a little of these colors go a long way.The finished food is bright and rich in color, uniform and delicate.What’s more, the liquid food color will not evaporate with moisture when heated or frozen. This food coloring also can be mixed together to create new shades Product Description 26 Vivid Food Coloring Set Food Coloring for Baking Food coloring for cupcake Food coloring for cake Food coloring for donuts Food Coloring for Cake Decoration Food Grade Material Gluten Free Vegan Peanut Free No Sugar Tasteless Food Coloring Liquid Set Includes Red,Violet,Yellow,Sky Blue,Green,Grape Purple,Pink,Brown,Black,Orange,Navy Blue,Grass Green,Dark Green,Teal,Cherry Red,Blackish Green,Purplish Red,Sapphire Blue, Peacock Blue,Coffee,Coral Red, White,Christmas Red,Christmas Green,Turquoise,Dark Red. Warm Reminder 1.This coloring is highly concentrated, please don't add too much coloring at one time, please add gradually and mix in thoroughly to get your desired color. 2.These food colors can be mixed together with each other to create your own colors. 3.After using, please close the lid and store in a cool dry place. 4.Please use within six months after opening the lid. 26 Vivid Colors Set 0.25 Fl. oz (6 ml)/Bottles


  • Gives 5% RENOOK Silicone Baking Mats-Set of 4 Nonstick Half Sheets (16.5'' X 11.5'') and 1X Oil Brush- Bpa-Free Grade Food & Reusable Baking Oven Liner Sheet RENOOK Silicone Baking Mats-Set of 4 Nonstick Half Sheets (16.5'' X 11.5'') and 1X Oil Brush- Bpa-Free Grade Food & Reusable Baking Oven Liner Sheet

    Silicone Baking Mats | Set of 4 Nonstick Half Sheets

    【Food Grade Silicone】 RENOOK baking mats are made from durable, flexible, food-grade silicone and fiberglass core. And passed LFGB and PDA certification, which means that our baking mats are safe, non-toxic, BPA-free, and odor-free. RENOOK silicone mats can be used safely on any type of food without triggering smoke alarms, keeping yourself and your family healthy. 【Multi Size & Purpose】RENOOK silicone baking mat set of 5 pieces: 4 x half sheets (16.5'' x 11.5'' ) , 1 x oil brush - Mat thickness is 0.75 mm (approx. 1/32"). Perfect for baking, kneading, rolling, candy/macaron/pastry/cookie/bun/bread /pizza/chicken. 【Non-stick & Easy To Clean】Our great food silicone mats has a non-stick surface, easy to clean, can directly contact the food, uniform grid, uniform heating, not easy to Scorch and stick to the bottom, After use, Just use the dishwasher or just rinse the silicone mat in warm soapy water to clean it. you don't have to wash the traditional baking pans like before, save time and money, transforming everyday baking and roasting into a convenient, healthy, and cost-effective experience. 【Food Safe/non-toxic & Healthy/reusable】 Our baking mats have multiple uses. They can be safely baked in the oven at harsh temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, roasting and roasting various sweets, healthy vegetables and bacon. Professional-grade baking mats can be used in conjunction with oven trays or biscuit sheets to improve overall heat distribution and air circulation to achieve uniform and consistent results without scorching or cooking spots. 【Microwave & Dishwasher Safe 】These reusable silicone baking mats are heat resistant from -40°F to 480°F, making them safe for the oven, stove, microwave, and even the dishwasher. This makes cleaning up quick and easy. meanwhile, we offer a 3-Year Extended Warranty. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you get a full refund. Product Description RENOOK Silicone Mats Feature: 1. Oil proof & Non-stick silicone baking mat 2. No need for oil or cooking sprays 3. Oven-safe from -40 to 450 degrees F 4. For all types of ovens, except direct-fire ovens 5. Wipe Clean Quickly and Dishwasher Safe 6. Can be put in the refrigerator What you get: 1.4 x half sheet (16.5'' x 11.5'') 2.1x oil brush BPA-FREE & HEALTHY Those Silicone Baking Mats are made from durable, flexible, food-grade silicone, that's safe to use for any kind of food, won't set your smoke alarm off and don't have any chemical taste or odor.Keep yourself and your family healthy. Perfect for baking, kneading, rolling. Non-stick Silicone Baking Mats Baking Mats are made of fibreglass mesh and the highest quality food grade silicone. No need for butter, oils, grease and sprays. quality materials that are also dishwasher safe! Just wipe quikly with foaming water when you done. After use, roll it up or store it flat in a cabinet will be fine. Heat Resistant & Safe The non-stick baking mats is heat resistant up to 450°F, can be safely used in all types of ovens. With special mesh and premium silicone design provide consistent heat distribution, thus, more evenly cooked foods.


  • Gives 10% PAM Original Cooking Spray  | 12 Oz., 2 Pk PAM Original Cooking Spray  | 12 Oz., 2 Pk

    PAM Original Cooking Spray | 12 Oz., 2 Pk

    When you want to keep your pots and pans free from food mess, rely on Pam® Original Cooking Spray. Pam Cooking Spray prevents foods from sticking to cooking surfaces and unlike heavy oils, allows for fat-free baking and cooking.About Pam Original Cooking SprayPam Cooking Spray is a pioneer when it comes to producing fat-free cooking oil sprays, something that is both convenient and healthier than using other oils. This spray is often used on pans when frying eggs, in casserole dishes when making potatoes au gratin and in bread pans when baking up a batch of zucchini nut loaf. This versatile product not only makes clean-up a breeze by ensuring food doesn't stick to the cooking surface but helps maintain the integrity of the meal. Food can easily be removed from the pan after cooking and onto your plate without a wrestling match between stuck-on food and your spatula, all because this cooking spray keeps surfaces greased.Who Needs Nonstick Cooking Spray?Pam Cooking Spray is a staple in homes and restaurants across the nation. This package comes with two 12-ounce cooking spray cans. Pam's formula is fat-free, so it can be used to help control calories and reduce fat intake as opposed to using other oils for greasing pans. It makes cooking and baking at home and in restaurants easier and guarantees shorter clean-up times.Are There Other Uses for Pam Original Cooking Spray?Yes! Though Pam Cooking Spray is a master at non-fat greasing and making cooking and cleaning a breeze, you may delight in knowing it can do more. Try spraying Pam on a grater before grating cheese and vegetables to make clean-up easier. Or try it when making microwave popcorn—spray popped corn with Pam and toss in your favorite seasonings to help it stick to each popcorn piece better.


  • Gives 5% Carnation Evaporated Milk | 12 Oz., 8 Pk Carnation Evaporated Milk | 12 Oz., 8 Pk

    Carnation Evaporated Milk | 12 Oz., 8 Pk

    Carnation's evaporated milk is "the cooking milk." Use evaporated milk in all your cooking and baking recipes to make them taste their best. No need to add water. Use an equal amount in place of drinking milk for rich and creamy results.


  • Gives 5% Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, 1 Lb. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, 1 Lb.

    ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda

    Versatile, effective and affordable solution for over 170 years Use for baking, cleaning, deodorizing and more Free of harsh chemicals and gentle enough to use on many surfaces Hundreds of uses like: Fresh Box for Baking Discover the secret of ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda, the simple solution for a clean and fresh home. Baking soda is the most versatile porduct in your home and ARM & HAMMER is the most recognized brand. You know that Baking soda is great for cooking and baking. Now, discover more than 100 ways to save time and money with Baking Soda, from cleaning your carpets to getting rid of pet odors, making laundry sparkle, creating inexpensive craft for kids, and even enjoying a spa-worthy pedicure. Whether you need a quick solution for mopping dirty kitchen floors, a non-abrasive way to scrub bathroom countertops, or a chemical-free way to clean toys, furniture, pots and pans, we've got tips to make every room in your home shine and smell fresh. Put ARM & HAMMER to work all around your home! With its natural pure and gentle cleaning power, there isn't a place in your home where dirt and odors are safe.

  • Gives 15% Piping Bags and Tips Set with Reusable Pastry Bags Piping Bags and Tips Set with Reusable Pastry Bags

    Piping Bags and Tips Set with Reusable Pastry Bags

    PROFESSIONAL SILICONE PASTRY BAGS: Compared with others,ELK's piping bags uses the 60HA elastic silicone, which is the perfect material for the piping tips set. The slight elasticity ensures its reusability, allowing the viscous liquids to flow smoothly inside. It won’t blow out even if you knead the thick batter with it. Its high stretchiness means that all of the squeezing efforts you make gets transferred to bulging sides as it stretches out, instead of forcing the frosting out the bottom. SAY GOODBYE TO COLORED RESIDUES:The smooth interior of the piping set makes the frosting fall off easily after being cleaned with warm water. It is really a good choice when you make cupcakes, biscuits, and bread with bright-colored frosting, which won’t cause colored residues like other cheap pastry bag. You just need to turn the inside out, cleaning it with warm soapy water. The non-slip exterior that has a slight texture allows you to hold it more comfortably, easy to use as well. PIPING TIPS FOR EASILY SWITCHING: The converters will not be edged out during the extrusion process, and the icing bags tips can be easily switched without hollowing out the icing or replacing the piping bag. This is definitely helpful for different patterns of cake decoration. The cake decorating supplies includes:2 pastry bags and 6 stainless steel icing tips,2 standard converters,2 silicone rings, 3 cake scrapers. BAKING LIKE A PRO: The icing piping bag is perfect for making cupcakes, cakes, bread and biscuits and other different desserts. It really helps for daily baking, professional baking, and suitable for party gatherings. Imagine that others praise you for the inviting appearance of your cakes and desserts. Plateau ELK aims to bring happiness and motivation to all beginners and even experienced bakers. Plateau ELK aim to provide high-quality products and services to enhance the customer's pleasant shopping experience. If you have any problems about the item, please contact us directly, we will reply within 2.4 hours and solve your problems as soon as possible. Product Description Reasons for choosing us: 1.Pastry bags are made of food-grade odorless silica gel to ensure healthy food 2.Professional 60HA elasticity, slightly elastic to ensure the piping bag durability and Smoothness when conveying viscous liquid, even squeeze the thick batter will not blow outs 3.The smooth interior of the pastry bag allows you to simply rinse the frosting off with warm water after use, which greatly improves cleaning efficiency 4.The non-slip exterior is slightly textured, giving you a better grip and comfort 5.The internal and external thread conversion head ensures the firmness and at the same time allows you to easily replace the decorated nozzle with different patterns during operation


  • Gives 10% Fleischmann'S Instant Dry Yeast |16 Oz., 2 Pk Fleischmann'S Instant Dry Yeast |16 Oz., 2 Pk

    Fleischmann'S Instant Dry Yeast |16 Oz., 2 Pk

    Out of stock

    With Fleischmann's® Instant Dry Yeast® (16 oz., 2 ct.), you can make a variety of fluffy, fragrant breads and so much more. This bulk-sized pack is ideal for restaurants, bakeries and of course, for the home baker.About Fleischmann's Instant Dry YeastThis package contains two 16-ounce bags of instant dry yeast, used for a variety of baking projects. It can be added directly to your recipe as it doesn't need time for proofing like with traditional yeast. Fleischmann's, a company started by brothers, revolutionized baking by creating a compressed yeast cake in 1868 as an alternative to inconsistent starter and leavener agents. Their instant dry yeast has a finer texture than more granular active dry yeast, so there's no need to mix it with water. Add to other dry ingredients, mix with wet ingredients and follow your recipe. Fleischmann's instant dry yeast will help make bread that is light, fluffy and fully-raised every time.Who Needs This Bulk-Sized Fleischmann's Dry Yeast?Anyone who bakes bread and other goodies on a regular basis. This bulk pack of instant dry yeast is ideal for use in restaurants, bakeries, food trucks and catering companies. It can also be used to keep your home pantry stocked, since it's shelf stable. Use it in the bread machine or in the pan. You just never know when the need to bake may arise!What are Some Ways of Baking with Fleischmann's Instant Dry Yeast?This simple and consistent instant dry yeast can be enjoyed in so many ways. Here are some of our favorite uses for it: For making airy, chewy pizza dough Crafting large soft pretzels, perfect with mustard for a savory snack or a dusting of cinnamon and sugar for a sweet treat It can be used in conjunction with gluten-free flours to make breads that are safe for those who avoid gluten For baking fluffy Bundt cakes, decadent pull-apart breads and streusel-topped coffee cake

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  • Gives 5% Domino Premium Pure Cane Granulated Sugar | 10 Lbs.

    Domino Premium Pure Cane Granulated Sugar | 10 Lbs.

    Out of stock

    Extra-fine pure cane granulated sugar Ideal for table use, baking, preserving, canning and for sweetening beverages Domino Premium Pure Cane Granulated Sugar is free-flowing, extra-fine sugar of the highest quality. This all-purpose sugar is ideal for table use, baking, preserving, canning and for sweetening beverages.

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