• 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack-Deluxe Hitch Mount Bike Rack with 2 Inch Receiver,70Lbs.Capacity 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack-Deluxe Hitch Mount Bike Rack with 2 Inch Receiver,70Lbs.Capacity

    Dual Bike Hitch Mount Rack | 70Lbs. Capacity

    【2’’ Hitch Compatible】 The slick bike rack fits standard two-inch hitch receiver on 4x4s, SUVs, pickups, trucks, vans, sedans, etc. And the bike rack accommodates most mountain, road, hybrid bikes and bikes with fenders. This trailer hitch bike rack can make transporting your ride less of a chore and is an absolute essential if you can’t squeeze everything inside your vehicle. 【70LBS Weight Capacity】This bike rack can support 2 bikes and up to 70lbs of weight, and safely transport them to your destination without contorting. The bike rack features tough forged iron construction with e-coating which defies sun and snow exposure. Heat stabilized nylon straps of the bike rack for car are more degradation & wear resistant compared to rubber straps of other bike racks on the market. 【Superior Bike Stability】This bike rack features ultra wide PP cradles which hold your bikes exceptionally secure along with upgraded nylon straps. This bike rack also includes a polyester tape for an added layer of bike security. The “no wobble” bolts make it more secure on bumpy roads. And 2 rear reflectors are designed for this hitch mount bike rack to increase visibility on the road especially at night. 【Rear Vehicle Access】You can easily open the tailgate or rear cargo doors by tilting the bike rack away from your vehicle. And now all your gear is easily accessible in the vehicle. This bike rack promises ease of loading and unloading, and you no longer have to lift bikes onto the vehicle’s roof. And the bike rack also folds up very small for hassle-free storage. 【Stabilizer Included】 A heavy-duty anti-rattle stabilizer is included to prevent rattling or wobbling of your bike rack. And you can finally bid goodbye to rattling noises with this anti-rattle stabilizer. The “no wobble” bolts of the trailer hitch bike rack can be used to adjust your cradles, and ensure that there is no teetering during off-roading. A 1-year warranty serves as quality assurance of this bike rack. Product Description When you need to carry your bike by car, you want to do it as easily and securely as possible. And this is where this bike carrier comes into play. Made of heavy duty steel with e-coating, this bike hitch mount rack defies harsh conditions and at the same time, and supports 2 bikes of various sizes and up to 70 lbs of combined weight. Til-away design allows this bike rack for tow hitch to be moved out of the way in order to grant access to your rear. If you need to get something out of the back of your car, simply pull the rack down and it slips out of the way. And there will be no movement thanks to the “no wobble” bolts of this bike hitch rack! Strengthened PP cradles is highly flexural and there will no annoying scratch! Heat stabilized nylon straps offer high tensile strength & bending stiffness and 2 rear reflectors are for increased visibility at night. The 2" receiver makes this bike rack for tow hitch fit a huge number of 4x4s, SUVs, pickups, trucks, vans and sedans, etc. Made of tough forged iron with e-coating, this bike rack for tow hitch is really solid and sturdy. Harsh conditions including rain, dust, rust or UV won’t hurt its functionality. And this bike carrier will never fail you despite tons of loading and unloading. 2 reflectors will significantly increase your safety when driving at night, and its two-inch receiver is designed for universal compatibility! Its strengthened PP cradles, which are highly flexural, heat stabilized nylon straps and “no wobble” bolt will hold your bikes exceptionally secure despite long trips and bumpy dirt roads — all with two bikes locked on. NOTE 1. Please check the tightness of bolts, particularly the “no wobble” bolts, periodically. 2. The bike hitch rack can hold up to 2 bikes and the maximum weight capacity is rated at 70 lbs. 3. If you drive on a bumpy or dirt road while transporting a bicycle, reduce your speed. Rough roads and vibrations may jostle the bike and the bike rack. 4. This bike hitch rack is designed for vehicles with two-inch receivers ONLY. 5. This bike hitch rack is NOT compatible with lady’s bike, a bike rack adapter (which is sold separately) is therefore required. 6. Always lock cradle straps in place prior to your journey. 7. Take care when loading or transporting your bikes, since damage might happen to your bike or your vehicle. Maximum Number of Bikes 3 Bike 4 Bike 2 Bike 4 Bike 2 Bike 2 Bike Load Capacity 105LBS 160 LBS 100 LBS 165LBS 75LBS 79 LBS Installation 2'' Receiver Hitch 2'' Receiver Hitch 2'' Receiver Hitch 2'' Receiver Hitch Spare Tire Attached to RV or van ladder Bike cradle Durable PP cradle+ adjustable Durable PP cradle+ adjustable EVA Pads Durable TPE cradle+ adjustable Durable PP cradle+ adjustable Durable LDPE cradle+ adjustable Anti-rattle hitch tightener ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Fold-Down Design ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Women or Kids' Bicycles Cross-Bar Adaptor Sold Separately Cross-Bar Adaptor Sold Separately ✓ Cross-Bar Adaptor Sold Separately Cross-Bar Adaptor Sold Separately Cross-Bar Adaptor Sold Separately Product Positioning Standard/Universal Type Standard/Universal Type Standard/Universal Type Standard/Universal Type Most cars with spare tires RV

  • Gives 10% Heavy Duty Brass Shut off Valve 45 Degree Garden Hose Elbow Connector,3/4"Fht X 3/4"MHT Heavy Duty Brass Shut off Valve 45 Degree Garden Hose Elbow Connector,3/4"Fht X 3/4"MHT

    Heavy Duty Brass Shut off Valve 45 Degree Garden Hose Elbow Connector | 3/4" Fht X 3/4" MHT

    HYDRO MASTER 45 degree garden hose shut off valve is made of solid brass. Heavy duty metal construction for durability. Swivel connector keep hose from twisting,extend the life of your hose,extremely helpful with attaching and un-attaching the hoses,easy to RV camper, outdoor water faucet. Hose elbow connector with 45 degree, reduce stress and kink from garden hose.the elbow connector eliminates strain on hoses and water intake fittings, will extend the life of your garden hose by preventing twisting and straining. Connection: 3/4" NH male thread x 3/4" NH female thread.Great for RV camper,washing machine and garden hose. Packge includes: 45 Degree Heavy Duty Brass Shut Off Valve x 1 , extra pressure gaskets x 1. IF you are not SATISFIED for any reason, please let us know and our customer service team will help you RETURN OR REFUND. Product Description HYDRO MASTER 0714001 45 Degree Heavy Duty Brass Shut Off Valve,Garden Hose Elbow Connector,3/4"FHT x 3/4"MHT HYDRO MASTER 45 degree garden hose shut off valve is made of 100% solid brass. Heavy duty metal construction for durable, corrosion proof and has a long service time. extra rubber washers included to prevent leaking Connection:3/4"NH thread x 3/4"NH thread. ON/OFF Valve makes for easy and hassle free water flow. Durable, leak free and easy to install. Great for RV camper,washing machine,garden hose and lawn etc. Brand: HYDRO MASTER Material: 100% solid brass Connection: 3/4" NH thread x 3/4" NH thread Color: brass Item Weight: 4.6 oz

  • Gives 5% - 90 Degree Hose Elbow for RV, 90 Degree Hose Adapter for RV, Hose Angle Connector, Water Hose Shut off Valve, Garden Hose Elbow, Hose Elbow 90, 90 Degree Water Hose Elbow for Rv - 90 Degree Hose Elbow for RV, 90 Degree Hose Adapter for RV, Hose Angle Connector, Water Hose Shut off Valve, Garden Hose Elbow, Hose Elbow 90, 90 Degree Water Hose Elbow for Rv

    Hose Elbow for RV, 90 Degree Hose Adapter

    Tight Seal - No Leaks: Tightly sealed, the internal and external components are non-rust metal covered with rubber. With our hose connector we assure you no more leaking. Heavy duty garden hose shut off valve with < 0.007% lead in the alloy. Doesn't Take Up Space: For RV's or boats which have tight water compartments, washing machines which are too close to the wall, and spigots which are too close to the ground, the 90° water hose elbow will not take up space. The garden hose faucet adapter also swivels 360°, allowing even more flexibility without damaging the device. No More Kinked Hoses or Stressing Spigots: Relieve the strain of the hose hanging off your spigot. Push your washing machine all the way against the wall and it won’t protrude any more than the dryer. You can also use the 90 degree hose adapter to combat kinks on freezers, dishwashers, and washing machines since it can handle both hot and cold water. Time Saver and Ergonomic: Whether you need to extend a spigot too deep in the wall or raise a low clearance spigot, the 90 Degree angle hose adapter is designed for your comfort. Shut off valve: the 4 cm knobs allow you to easily and smoothly shut the water on and off, and can help you conserve water. Use our connector, and stop running back and forth to your spigot. Unique Design: Designed to last, like all other 2WAYZ gardening products. Check out other 2WAYZ products to make your gardening easier and more comfortable! Garden hose elbow connector for your garden! Product Description 2wayz - Happy Gardeners, One Item at a Time 2wayz - A Brand That is a FamilyFor years, I was the handy-man for my family. Some of my duties included plumbing, roofing, carpentry, but especially gardening! As a result of that, I was always looking for items that would be 'launched and forgotten' for my grandparents and uncles. The problem was, many of the items sold in the brick and mortar stores were freely available - but not so much in quality, user-friendly, and especially when it came to handling them with arthritis-stiff hands.So I started looking for long-handled watering equipment that would fill that void: Items that will have long handles, easy to turn on and off, with a nice touch of design. And of course - above all - reliable and highly durable. I came across these TPR covered splitters and connectors, used them, and after 'seeing the light' started recommending them. I started helping others achieve what was so difficult for me at the beginning, slowly creating a happy circle of satisfied gardeners. The relative success of the items brought me to the point it became obvious I need to make it a business.Since then, I have been listening and looking out for items which friends and neighbors use and feel there is need for improvement and modification. We then revamp the design and have our product engineers upgrade the items to the high standard which 2wayz holds itself to. Some sectors I have started to expand to are pressure washing and bathroom accessories. The 2017 90 degree Elbow: Rugged Beauty and Design Newly Upgraded 2017 ConstructionNWe at 2wayz have two very specific standards for our products: High quality and ergonomic.With our upgraded and revamped version hitting the shelves in May 2017, The 90° Elbow definitely lives up to these standards. With all components either bolted or threaded to ensure an everlasting connection, the 2017 adapter will never leak, and will last forever. Ergonomic, Simple, and Attractive Customized Design The ergonomic factor too, we believe we have accomplished. Similar to the rest of our items, we have coated the fully metal internal structure with TPR rubber. We realize that when handling a hose, our hands are wet, and therefore prone to slipping. The rubber coating combats the slipping by providing a good grip, as well as adding the possibility of bumps, falls, and scrapes without getting ‘injured.’ The shut on/off provides an additional convenience of not making trips back and forth to and from the spigot, saving you valuable time. The shutoff valve can be utilized to stem leaky faucets, conserving a lot of water in the long term. It will also save you money, since you will not need a plumber to switch out the spigot. The 4 cm long knob make it easy to shut the water on and off without using a wrench, ideal for people with stiff hands or hands with arthritis.Possible Uses There are many possible ways you can use the 90 degree adapter. One of our customer’s most popular uses are for RVs and boats. Due to the fact that RVs and boats have tight water compartments, there is not a lot of room to place the hose, which usually results in kinks and stoppages. The 90 degree angle give you the maneuverability which frees up space in order to efficiently and effectively manage the water tank. The elbow is also perfect for washing machines which are too close to the wall, as well as low clearance spigots which cause you to scrape your knuckles. Technical Details Size: ​Designed to work with the majority of garden hoses, both the inlet and outlet of the elbow are ¾.” Bolts and threads: We affixed the newly upgraded 2017 version with bolts and threads in order to secure all the components together. This will ensure your elbow will last forever. Smooth Knobs: The knob is covered in rubber, allowing for a smooth operation of the elbow. The knobs will never stiffen up, always smoothly rotating up (on) and down (off). Standard Fittings ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

  • Gives 10% 7" Super Thin Diamond Tile Blade for Cutting Granite Marble Porcelain Tile… 7" Super Thin Diamond Tile Blade for Cutting Granite Marble Porcelain Tile…

    Super Thin Diamond Tile Blade for Cutting Granite Marble Porcelain Tile

    Diameter 7", Segment Height 3/8", Inner hole 7/8" or 5/8". Wet or dry cutting. Cooler rim increases lfie and cutting speed. 7" Super thin porcelain saw blade with free chips for cutting,Match with hand-held machine. Available for cutting porcelain,ceramic tile,granite, sandstone quartz ect. Tile saw blade 7" Arbor:7/8-5/8"(22.23-15.88mm) Segment Height :10mm Core Thickness:1.8mm

  • Gives 15% Play Time | Wooden Tool Workbench - PlayRaise Fundraising Play Time | Wooden Tool Workbench - PlayRaise Fundraising

    Play Time | Wooden Tool Workbench

    FEATURES: [ Safety & Nature ] - Robud Workbench made of solid wood, sturdy and durable construction, The surface is smooth without burr, All edge rounded corner design, So your toddlers won't get hurt on this Tool Stand toy. [ Easy to Assemble ] - Wooden Bench is easy to put together with its own wooden "hardware", no require real metal screws, nuts, or other tools. Your child can try to reassemble and disassemble it. [ Rich in Color ] - This wooden workbench all parts colour is bright, More attractive to toddlers. Multiple simulation wooden tools are designed for children to enhance the authenticity and let children give full play to their creativity. Include, wooden toy wrench, saw, hammer, screwdriver, screw. [ Role-Playing Game ] - When kids play with this toy, they will constantly use their imagination, constantly using Workbench to pretend to do a lot of things. Other kids can also participate in the multiplayer game, not fighting for the toy. [ Great Gift ] - This is a good learning toy to teach kids how to use tools, suitable for any occasion as a gift to boys and girls, they will have endless fun.


  • Gives 20% Play Time Wooden Toy Construction Set - PlayRaise Fundraising

    Play Time Wooden Toy Construction Set

    FEATURES: SAFE STURDY WOOD CONSTRUCTION: All play tools are made of sturdy wood, outer coating using non-toxic paint and edges polished smooth for kids playing safely. TOY TOOL BOX & WORKBENCH 2-IN-1: Rather than a take along toolbox, it becomes a small kids tool bench by turn it over, a very fun toy to keep kids busy and develops hand-eye coordination as well as problem solving skills. BUILD WOOD CARS & MORE MODELS: Wooden toy tool box kit allows for building multiple models such as car bird airplane tank crane train truck, encourage your little engineer create more models. WOODEN PLAY TOOLS KIT INCLUDES: Play tool box, screw driver, saw, gears, nuts, bolts, connection pieces.Wooden toolbox for kids assembled dimension 5.8 x 10.6 x 4.3 inch, it requires an electric screw driver to finish tool box assembly work. EASY FOR STORAGE: All play tools and accessories could be stored inside toolbox, very convenient for storage and kids carrying. Great toy tool set for boys and girls.


  • Gives 20% Heavy Duty Garden Clippers - PlayRaise Fundraising Heavy Duty Garden Clippers - PlayRaise Fundraising

    Heavy Duty Garden Clippers

    FEATURES: Enjoy a performance tool with razor sharp cutting power and increased blade durability. Great for pruning bushes, roses, vines, dead limbs and green wood. Chromium metal, like titanium, is highly valuable due to its high corrosion resistance and hardness. The protective chromium coating decreases friction of trimmer which makes for smooth cutting. you'll power effortlessly through 3/4" diameter thick branches with a quick chop. The sap groove prevents blade sticking by channeling off sap and debris after each snip. The wire cutting notch allows for small wire cutting without damage to the blade edge. The adjustment knob allows for aligning the cutting blade of the pruner for extra cutting precision. The cushion and embedded spring soften the impact of the cut, protecting your hand and wrist. This is a great tool for every gardener, including seniors with weaker hands or arthritis.  Allows manual alignment of the cutting blade for optimal precise clean cuts - smooth effortless cutting actions make an easy chore of trimming rose stems, floral stems, plants, ornamental flowers. Cut bushes and vines without much effort!   Specifications: Head Material: Steel Head Length: 4 Handle Length: 16 Handle Material: Steel Foldable: No  


  • Gives 20% Plastic Storage Cabinet | 41-Drawer - PlayRaise Fundraising Plastic Storage Cabinet | 41-Drawer - PlayRaise Fundraising

    Plastic Storage Cabinet | 41-Drawer

    FEATURES: 41-Drawer Plastic Storage Cabinet Tool Box 40 small drawers and a large one Easy hitch to wall and other surface This 41-Drawer Plastic tool box provides a great way to organize your work area with 40 small drawers and a large one. It is perfect for keeping all kinds of small things, such as small-sized machine components, accessories, or even your DIY works. You could choose either the large drawer or small one according to the size of the things you want to put in. Durable transparent plastic ensures visibility of the items being stored in the drawer. There’re 2 small holes on the back of the box for you to hitch it to a wall or other surface. *Specifications:*Total size: 12.2" x 5.4" x 19.3" Frame Material: PlasticBox Material: Polypropylene


  • Gives 20% Steel Workbench with Pegboard and Drawer - PlayRaise Fundraising Steel Workbench with Pegboard and Drawer - PlayRaise Fundraising

    Steel Workbench with Pegboard and Drawer

    FEATURES: Workbench with Pegboard and Drawer This steel workbench will be perfect for both professional and personal use.The large drawer provides ample storage space for all kinds of tools and accessories. And your tools can be clearly laid out and always within reach thanks to the practical pegboard with hooks. Bulky tools can be placed on the bottom shelf. Thanks to the large and stable work surface, you can efficiently work on even larger workpieces.Made of high-quality steel and MDF, this workbench is stable and durable.This workbench is quite easy to assemble and the mounting accessories are included.Material: Steel frame + MDFOverall size: 45.3" x 21.7" x 55" (W x D x H)Drawer size: 42.5" x 16.3" x 2.6" (W x D x H)Bottom shelf height from the ground: 10.8"Working height: 35.8"Load capacity: 331 lbWith a large drawer and a pegboardSturdy steel constructionRubber feet for extra sturdiness Delivery includes a workbench and 12 hooks California Proposition 65Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including wood dust, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


  • Gives 20% Rolling Tool Box with 2 Wheels - PlayRaise Fundraising Rolling Tool Box with 2 Wheels - PlayRaise Fundraising

    Rolling Tool Box with 2 Wheels

    FEATURES: 3-Part Rolling Tool Box with 2 Wheels This tool box is a perfect setup for anyone who needs to travel with their tools frequently or as a highly-mobile, centralized place for hobby tools or arts crafts supplies. It contains 3 separable components: the traditional toolbox, the 2-drawer compartment, and the large bottom box.This handy toolbox features 2-drawer storage chest for holding small tools, parts and supplies. It also has a large, deep storage chest at the top and bottom each for bigger items.It rolls effortlessly on soft-rubber wheels. The heavy-gauge, non-corroding stainless steel and impact-resistant PP construction ensure a long service. The large pull-handle extends to 5.9".Overall dimensions:22.2" x 13.8" x 30.3"-36.2" (LxWxH)Top floor size: 21" x 10.6" x 5.9" (LxWxH)Middle floor size: 21" x 10.6" x 10.2" (LxWxH)Drawer Size each: 17.3" x 9.1" x 3.9" (LxWxH)Bottom floor size: 22.2" x 13.8" x 15.4" (LxWxH)Wheel diameter: 5.9"Color: SilverMaterial: Polypropylene + Stainless steel


  • Gives 20% Car Polishing Pads | 7 Pieces - PlayRaise Fundraising Car Polishing Pads | 7 Pieces - PlayRaise Fundraising

    Car Polishing Pads | 7 Pieces

    FEATURES: Shine Your Faded Wheel *Shine Your Faded Wheel*: Come with 7pcs polishing wheels of different sizes; ideal for polishing contours; holes; crevices; interior; flat and irregular surfaces. Specially designed for polishing recessed areas. *High Quality Materials*: Made of high quality white cotton with multiple layers of fabric sewn together in the center; super soft and delicate; the pads set has excellent polishing effect without scratches when buffing and would not damage the surface or car paint. *Non-Slip Hex Shaft*: Designed with 1/4'(6mm) hex shaft; fits for most drills; and can prevent buffing wheel slipping during work. *Wide Application*: Featured with various shapes of pads; excellent to polish metal and non-metal products such as plastics; ceramics; glass; manifold; aluminum; stainless steel; copper; wood; chrome; jewelry and so on. *Package Includes*: Come with 1pc Conical Buffing Wheel(Φ1.97in); 1pc Cylindrical Buffing Wheel(Φ1.57in); 3pcs T-shaped Buffing Wheels(Φ3.94in/Φ2.95in/Φ2.17in); 2pcs Mushroom Buffing Wheels(Φ2.76in/Φ1.97in); perfect for surface polishing. *Specifications*: ​ Product Type: Polishing Wheel SetsColor: WhiteMaterial: CottonHandle Diameter: 6mm/0.24inHandle Length: 32mm/1.26inItem Size:Conical Buffing Wheel Diameter: 1.97x1.97x3.35inCylindrical Buffing Wheel Diameter: 1.57x1.57x2.95inLarge T-shaped Buffing Wheel Diameter: 3.94x3.94x1.77inMedium T-shaped Buffing Wheel Diameter: 2.95x2.95x1.77inSmall T-shaped Buffing Wheel Diameter: 2.17x2.17x1.77inLarge Mushroom Buffing Wheel Diameter: 2.76x2.76x3.15inSmall Mushroom Buffing Wheel Diameter: 1.97x1.97x2.76inItem Diameter:Conical Buffing Wheel Diameter: 5cm/1.97inCylindrical Buffing Wheel Diameter: 4cm/1.57inLarge T-shaped Buffing Wheel Diameter: 10cm/3.94inMedium T-shaped Buffing Wheel Diameter: 7.5cm/2.95inSmall T-shaped Buffing Wheel Diameter: 5.5cm/2.17inLarge Mushroom Buffing Wheel Diameter: 7cm/2.76inSmall Mushroom Buffing Wheel Diameter: 5cm/1.97inItem Weight:Conical Buffing Wheel: 59g/0.13lbsCylindrical Buffing Wheel: 41g/0.09lbsLarge T-shaped Buffing Wheel: 61g/0.13lbsMedium T-shaped Buffing Wheel: 43g/0.09lbsSmall T-shaped Buffing Wheel: 28g/0.06lbsLarge Mushroom Buffing Wheel: 54g/0.12lbsSmall Mushroom Buffing Wheel: 36g/0.08lbs*Package Lists*: 1 x Conical Buffing Wheel1 x Cylindrical Buffing Wheel3 x T-shaped Buffing Wheels2 x Mushroom Buffing Wheels1 x User Manual


  • Gives 20% Ice Scraper Glove - PlayRaise Fundraising Ice Scraper Glove - PlayRaise Fundraising

    Ice Scraper Glove

    FEATURES:   **Durable Scraper*: Made of premium ABS, the scraper is sturdy and durable, which is still effective in extremely cold weather. **Comfortable & Non-slip Handle Inside*: It is easy to hold and not slip when scraping ice. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to store. **Keep Warm*: The outer layer of the glove is 600D polyester and the inner side is made of fleece which helps keep hand warm even in cold winter. **Anti-falling*: The elastic band at wrist can effectively prevent the glove from falling when shovelling ice and no need to roll up your sleeve. **Easy To Use*: Just wearing it then you can start scrapping with it. It is suitable for both left and right hand. One size can fit all.   *Specifications*: Product Type: Ice Scraper GloveMaterial: 600D Ripstop polyester fabric (mitt exterior), fleece (mitt interior), ABS plastic(scraper)Dimensions:Mitt portion: 18×30.5 cm/7.95'×2.76' (L×W)Exposed scraper end: 10×6×0.3 cm/3.94'×2.36'×0.12 (L×W×H)Entire scraper: 10×23.5×0.3 cm/3.94'×9.25'×0.12 (L×W×H)Item size: 36.5×18 cm/14.37'×7.09' (L×W×H)Item weight: 127g/0.28lbs   *Package Lists*: 1x Fleece Lined Ice Scraper Glove


  • Gives 20% High Pressure Foam Soap Cannon - PlayRaise Fundraising High Pressure Foam Soap Cannon - PlayRaise Fundraising

    High Pressure Foam Soap Cannon

    Out of stock

    FEATURES: *Water & Foam Mode*: This nozzle can be switched freely between foam and water mode; which can produce rich foam to loosen dirt and road salt and strong water spray to rinse the car. Connect the sprayer directly to the standard garden hose and it will work. The lint-free soft chenille wash mitt keeps your car clean without scratching it or leaving water marks. *Adjustable Soap Amount*: Combining a nozzle sprayer with 3.5oz soap dispenser; it can spray rich foam by pressing the trigger. The 3 level rotary switch allows you to control the amount of foam(less; medium and large). No longer need to extra prepare a bucket of foamy water; time-saving and labor-saving. *8 In 1 Spray Patterns*: Rotate the dial of hose nozzle to choose from 8 patterns:cone; jet; center; mist; shower; rinse; flat; and stream. Choose the appropriate water pattern according to your own need. Besides; upgraded technology contributes to a more concentrated water spray and a further spraying distance of 19.7ft-32.8ft; highly efficient and water-saving. *Non-Slip And Ergonomic*: Featuring an anti-slip handle and self-locking trigger; it’s easier to control even in a wet hand. No need to keep pulling trigger during spraying. Just press the trigger once to start and press again to stop; effectively reducing hand fatigue for long time usage. *Wide Application*: Suitable for watering plant; lawn; patio; washing car; driveway; roof; floor; window and pet washing. *SPECIFICATIONS*: ​Product Type: Hose Soap Sprayer NozzleColor: Blue+BlackMaterial: ABS+ChenilleSoap Dispenser Bottle Capacity: 100ml/3.5ozWater Modes: 8 Modes (center/jet/shower/mist/cone/rinse/stream/flat)Spraying Distance: 6m-10m/19.7ft-32.8ftHose Nozzle Size: 22x16x5.9cm/8.66x6.3x2.3inHose Nozzle Weight: 233g/0.5lbsWash Mitt Size: 21.5x17x7cm/8.5x6.7x2.8inWash Mitt Weight: 51g/0.11lbs *Package Lists*: 1 x Hose Nozzle1 x Car Wash Mitt2 x Gaskets1 x Connector

    Out of stock



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